The Master Of Symphony 2019

Premium Concert

In its relentless pursuit to continuously offer high-quality property and sophisticated experiences to customers, Masteri proudly presents THE MASTER OF SYMPHONY—an annual premium concert that brings together the best of Vietnamese artists in a night filled with sweet and beautiful melodies. The event is a way of saying thank you to customers who have given us their unending support throughout the years.

After 4 successful and memorable seasons, The Master of Symphony has made a name for itself in the local art scene by constantly setting the stage for unforgettable musical experiences. From its first inaugural concert, The Master of Symphony has consistently given the audience exciting experiences to look forward to—always offering something brand new, fresh, and exhilarating musical concerts that delight the senses. Keeping to its concept since it first launched: “History – Synergy – Fusion,” The Master of Symphony has made a name for itself in the music industry by holding many unforgettable and unique performances from Vietnam’s top-notch, talented singers.

Not only has The Master of Symphony created wonderful musical experiences for our customers, it has also set a benchmark in the art industry—giving other concert organizers creative inspiration when conceptualizing events. As a result, The Master of Symphony has become one of the most awaited annual musical events for both music lovers and our customers alike. This mirrors our commitment not only to elevate living standards, but also inspire communities to appreciate art and culture.

The Master Of Symphony

History - Synergy - Fusion


For the first time in "THE MASTER OF SYMPHONY 2019," ten famous singers across generations whose names have been associated with luxury power in the history of Vietnamese music will perform together. Audiences will truly enjoy the synergy of 10 performers singing together on one stage, regarded to be a “historical” moment at “The Master of Symphony”.


This year, ten unique voices from different times and generations will harmoniously bring to life well-loved Vietnamese songs, in their own interpretation. Regardless of their generation and background, they will create a symphony of melodies that celebrate their eternal love for local music at the stage of THE MASTER OF SYMPHONY 2019.


The Master of Symphony 2019 offers a unique experience by combining 10 voices from different generations—10 characters, 10 names, 10 powerful inspirations that will connect the values of Vietnamese souls and give the audience the most precious memories through beautiful, professional music arrangements

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