The Master Of Symphony


Thao Dien Investment jsc. is the developer of the Masteri Thao Dien, an upscale residential project contributing the the growth of Eastern HCMC. Building upon its commitment to excellence and providing quality living, Masteri is pleased to announce a show for the ages: The Master of Symphony. Thao Dien Investment believes that supporting the arts is as important as crafting perfect homes. Through art and culture, music and architecture, we can make a major improvement to people's everyday lives.

The Master Of Symphony

History - Synergy - Fusion


Promising a number of firsts in Vietnam’s music history, The Master of Symphony will have many surprises, ensuring an unforgettable night for attendees.

Special guests, duets, and the fusion between old and new – be prepared for a milestone in the Vietnamese music industry.


The Master of Symphony will gather together the most famous artists from all over Vietnam.

The artists, production team and composers span the country’s numerous music genres and history, from the past to the present, together and synergized into one show for the annals.


The Master of Symphony crosses barriers, mixes and mingles and synthesizes the new and old. Taking 5 legendary Divas and introducing them to today’s young and dynamic composers, directors and producers, we will see the intersection of orchestra and pop, creating new forms of your favorite hits – expect both the outstanding and unbelievable.

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